Instadiary: China

30 September 2012
The Wall

This weeks Instagram Diary is all about my China trip. So the last few days are missing, but I will show them in next weeks diary. Take a look at my InstaDiary, the China edition.

Travel day

We flew to China on Tuesday. As you can see they had a really cute flying Miffy at the Schiphol store! It was raining when we entered the plane, but once we were ready for take of the rain stopped and I could take some beautiful photos of the sky. The sunset was pretty cool as well.

First day

We arrived in China on Wednesday morning. It was pretty sunny and the hotel made a nice shadow on the parking lot. After a small powernap we went out for some drinks and dinner. I had huge bags under my eyes, but whatever. I ate a delicious riceburger with chicken, cashew nuts and pineapple. The next day (Thursday) we visited some suppliers. One of them took us out for lunch and I had my first Peking Duck! It was delicious.

The great wall

On Friday we had a day off and we went to visit the Great Wall. It was amazing and breathtaking. Although it was pretty foggy, the view was still unreal. After that we went to Tiananmen square and the forbidden city. On the square some girls wanted to take photos with me because they thought “you areng sooo beautifulnggg and longggg” (imagine an -ing sound at the end of every word, lol). After that we went shopping at The Village en Ya Show. When we were done shopping we grapped something quick to eat in downtown Beijing.

The Wall

Here are some more photos of me on the Great Wall. The cool thing about the place where we went was that you could go down with a bobsled! Saturday we build up the exhibtion and went to a BBQ party at night. Sunday was the first day of the exhibition and at night we went out for dinner with some Chinese colleagues. We had Peking Duck again, but this time they cut it at our table.


On Monday and Tuesday it was mostly about the exhibiton. Most toilets in China are like this, which is not so bad but with tiles like the one on the photo it can get very slippery! I also discovered a coconut drink at our hotel. It was so delicious I bought some in a super market to take home with me!


On Tuesday it was raining and after the exhibition we did some more shopping at a mall. Look at the sign they put in front of the moving stairs! And also look at all the errors on it! I also found a Dutch movie with Chinese subtitles, lol. The eggs are the so called Thousand Years Eggs, I did not try them because I got nauseous by just looking at them and thinking about it (these eggs are the only things I did not try).

Back home

On Wednesday it was time to go back to Holland. But first we had to figure out how to fit all the things we bought in the suitcases, lol. At the airport we enjoyed some Starbucks drinks: very berry hibiscus and cool lime. Luckily we had plenty of legspace in the airplane. And last but not least: a panda on my fridge back home!

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  • Dhini Tuesday October 2nd, 2012 at 09:25 PM

    Super leuk om te zien

  • Lyanne Monday October 1st, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    Wat een leuke foto’s! Vooral die wolken! Prachtig!

  • Saskia Sunday September 30th, 2012 at 08:18 PM

    wat een ontzettend leuke foto’s zeg! Die nijntje is ook erg schattig..

  • Kelly Sunday September 30th, 2012 at 05:15 PM

    Wat leuk allemaal.