Hej Stockholm – Day 3

24 April 2013
Hej Stockholm - Gamla Stan

The alarm went off at 7.30 again but we decided to take it a little bit slow. After having a shower (although it is a shared bathroom that has 8 showers in it I didn’t run into anybody else during our whole stay) and breakfast with Knackebröd we went to the lobby, the only place in the hostel with (free) WiFi. Time to send some messages to home, put a nice picture on Instagram and check the weather forecast. It was really dark outside and there was supposed to be rain. We quickly got our ubmrella’s, because the sidewalk was already wet. Luckily it turned out we didn’t need the umbrella’s at all! After picking up our bicycle’s at the parking we decided to go to the central station and walk to Kungsholmen , the island next to the station, from there. Here you can find Stadshuset , the building where they give out the Nobelprices. We read that you could climb the tower and have a beautiful view over the centre. But it turned out you could only climb the tower in combination with a guided tour of the whole building, something we didn’t want to do. But the outside and location are still very beautiful. We decided to discover Kungsholmen a bit more, but besides Stadshuset it wasn’t that special.

Hej Stockholm

Time to get some bicycle’s again and go to Kungsgatan. From here we walked into the busier part of the centre, with a stop for a lovely cup of chai tea. And although I said to myself “I’m not going to visit H&M” I decided to go in anyways. They have so many H&M stores in Stockholm! Of course, because the headquarters are located in Stockholm. The products were a little bit cheaper than they are in the Netherlands but I managed to stay in control and not buy anything (not yet). When I saw a Mango store I decided to check this one out as well, because they do have some great items in the current collection. But unfortunately the dress I bought was over € 25,00 more in Stockholm than in the Netherlands! Via the “shopping” streets en following the beautiful buildings we passed by the Rikstag and walked right into the very cosy and cute shopping street of Gamla Stan. We decided to have lunch the Swedish way: a warm meal. Afterwards we walked around the beautiful streets of Gamla Stan, discovering new things all the time. We decided to go back to the station to see if we could find some information about boattours. During the summer months you can do a tour of the whole city by boat, but during our stay there was still ice on a lot of the waters so that wasn’t an option. We couldn’t find any information at the station and decided to go look for a Espresso house, to have a cup of tea and coffee and for the WiFi. Through the website we found out the possibilities and fifteen minutes later we were on our bicycles again, on our way to Nybrokajen to get tickets for the last boat tour of the day.

Hej Stockholm

In the mean time it got pretty foggy and this made for some beautiful scenes. We went to the eastside of Stockholm (and passed by the amusement park) and gathered some information about the buildings on those island. When we got back we decided to go to H&M. My mom didn’t have anything extra for under het pants (a legging or tights I mean with that) and according to the forecast it would be even colder the next day. We found a HUGE H&M. They had so many pretty things! I ended up buying two beautiful, totally Shanti, neckales and a simple green t-shirt with golden beads on the neckline. After some more tea we walked to an interior store I saw earlier. And OO EM GEE! They had so many fun gadgets over there.

The evening began to fall so we decided to start going back to our hostel. We walked the last part, from the Slussen and saw many nices restaurants and cafes on the way to our hostel. We did have a warm lunch but were pretty hungry so we decided to go for warm again. I was craving soup so while looking for a place to eat we scanned the menus for soup. Apparently, soup on the menu isn’t that normal. We ended up in a real pub where we had a delicious meal. By the way, it is cheaper in Stokcholm to have a warm lunch and a sandwich or soup for dinner. Once we were done eating we walked back to the hostel and I fell asleep within minutes.

(Here are two more photos that I didn’t like in the collage. Both are made in Gamla Stan.)

Hej Stockholm - Gamla Stan

Hej Stockholm - Gamla Stan

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  • Ilse Wednesday April 24th, 2013 at 07:04 PM

    Wauw, een jurkje wat gewoon €25 duurder is dan in Nederland?! Jezus, dan kun je beter hier winkelen haha. Ik zou heel graag een keer naar Stockholm willen, lijkt me een geweldige stad!

    • Shanti Wednesday April 24th, 2013 at 08:03 PM

      Ja stom he! Het europrijsje zat er nog onder dus we konden het zo uitrekenen..bij de Zara trouwens hetzelfde verhaal, daar had mn moeder een mooie zomerjas in de etalage gezien maar daar gaat ze in Nederland nog maar een keer voor kijken 😉