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Winterlicious Tag

Tag Thursday: Winterlicious Tag

I had a great Christmas, but after three days of lots of food I don’t think I can see anymore food at this moment, lol! For today I decided to do the Winterlicious tag. I already saw it on YouTube a few weeks ago…

27 December 2012
How much is my face worth?

Tag Thursday: how much is my face worth?

At the moment there is a really fun tag going around. How much is my face worth? You hace to make up your face like you would normally and then count how much all the products you used are worth. If you ask me…

11 October 2012
Tag Thursday: Zoey the Hamster

Tag Thursday: 25 Questions

Another questions tag for another edition of tag thursday. This time 25 random personals questions. Do you have pets? Yes, I have a hamster. She is called Zoey and almost two years old. Mention three things that are laying around you. My iPhone, glasses…

6 September 2012

Tag Thursday: Ten Questions

Another tag I saw on the blog of Jesdiny. Ten (personal) questions to get to know me a little bit better. Mention ten thing about yourself Student, freelancer, diabetes, vitiligo, two sisters, one hamster, great friends, she loves shoes and shopping, she loves to…

16 August 2012

Tag Thursday: This or that?

Fiftheen questions, fiftheen dilemmas. 1. No eyebrows or a big black visible moustache? No eyebrows! You can always draw them. 2. Having beautiful healthy and perfect nails that you can’t use nailpolish on  (ever) or having ugly unhealthy and weak nails that you can…

26 July 2012
Personal Travel

Tag Thursday: Been there, done that

I love to travel and discover new places. So when I saw this tag at Jesdiny I knew I wanted to do it. Which countries have you visited? The Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, England, Finland (Lapland),…

12 July 2012