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Rode kleur in huis

Red accents in my home

In January 2013 I shared the yellow accents in my home with you. At that moment I already ordered some new cushions at H&M and those cushions were the reason to change my color accent into red. So that was what I did more…

4 April 2014
Bestron Keramische Waterkoker
Interior Lifestyle

Bestron Ceramic Teakettle

Last week my teakettle broke. Broke may be a big word, because I could still cook water in it but the lid wouldn’t close anymore! After more than three years it was time for a new teakettle. Ofcourse, I could still cook water with…

26 February 2014
Christmas decorations

Christmas at home

Another week flew by. Some final lectures, presenting our businessplan in front of some professionals (and getting some very good and helpful feedback), some final Christmas shopping and it is already Friday. Only five more night until Christmas morning! My little home has gotten…

20 December 2013
Project Kitchen

Project Kitchen – 1

There is this project that I have been thinking about for a while now. And that I wanted to do this summer, but never really got around to doing. I am talking about my kitchen. I have a rental studio-apartment and there are a…

11 September 2013

Home Haul

Like you can never buy enough clothes I can never buy enough for my home. I see something nice and know a good spot for it, things wear off or I just want to replace something. When I see something I like I can…

8 May 2013

Color accents in my home

Color accents. Nothing new, because I already talked about them. If you ask me, a pop of color is the perfect way to give your room something extra. All of my furniture in my room is white and grey/silver. The walls are white as…

30 January 2013
Easy DIY Christmas Decorations: Vase

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

I love to get my house all cosy and Christmassy around this time of the year. And I also like to re-use old things. Because why should you throw them away if they are still good? When I moved into my little home two…

14 December 2012

DIY rope knob

When I still lived with my mom this cabinet was my nightstand. I pimped it with some funky knobs, that totally matched my room. But they did not match my apartment so I wanted to place the old knobs back. But I could only…

17 July 2012
Home Haul

Mini Home Haul

I love shopping for my home. I can spend hours at stores that sell stuff for your home, looking for that one cute picture frame or the perfect thingie to put under your glasses (I have no idea what the word for this is…

23 June 2012