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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations: Vase

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

I love to get my house all cosy and Christmassy around this time of the year. And I also like to re-use old things. Because why should you throw them away if they are still good? When I moved into my little home two…

14 December 2012

Make your own giftpaper

Last year for Sinterklaas I made my own giftpaper for the smaller gifts. It is a great way to personalize them and when they are laying around in a pile of gifts you can see for who they are very quick. Last weekend I…

27 July 2012

DIY rope knob

When I still lived with my mom this cabinet was my nightstand. I pimped it with some funky knobs, that totally matched my room. But they did not match my apartment so I wanted to place the old knobs back. But I could only…

17 July 2012
DIY Penholder

DIY: Pimp your pen holder

The pen holder on my desk was very boring. It was the plastic bin my pens came in. I put it right on my desk and it didn’t look pretty at all. One day I decided I had enough of it and pimped it.…

28 June 2012
Three ways to pimp your bathroom

Three ways to pimp your bathroom

Most of the time (especially when you rent) bathrooms aren’t the most prettiest rooms of your home. In most rental apartments you have ugly basic tiles on the wall so you can’t change the color of the wall (or the tiles). But that does…

19 June 2012