Review: Pixum

29 November 2012
Pixum losse foto's

For Pixum I could test out a product of choice. Because I order photoprints from a photolab on a regular base (for clients, but also for myself for in photoframes) I was curious about the quality of the Pixum products. They are much cheaper than a photolab. After doubting for a while I decided I wanted to order some prints for a frame that still needed photos in it and a photoalbum, one for me and one for the boyfriend.

Pixum losse foto's

Ordering the photos was super easy. You upload them to the website, choose the size and add them to your basket. I ordered the photos late in the evening and had them at home 1,5 days later! That’s fast. They were protected really well, in a carboard envelope. Being my curious self I opened the envelope and was very happy with what I saw. The colors look good, the photos look good and the photopaper is nice and steady. I will definitely order my photos for frames at Pixum from now on.

Pixum fotoboek klein

The ordering of the photobook was very easy as well. Ik downloaded the special software (that was there for Mac and Linux. Great, because most of the times they only have it for Windows and you are stuck with an annoying webeditor) en opened it. I got to choose the size of the book and started making it. There are some templates you can use for the pages but you can change the size, place and rotation of the photos. You can also change the backgroundcolor, use a photo or pattern as a background and add text. You can save your work and finish it at a later moment. I made a book with memories of the past three years from me and my boyfriend and they arrived 1,5 days after I ordered them as well.

The album looks great and the paper is a little bit thicker. The colors are good and I love the size. It is 14x13cm en that makes it perfect to carry along, so it would be a great gift for somebody who goes abroad for a while. I’m really happy with the album but it is a pity the cover isn’t made of thicker paper. This would give it something extra and I would be willing to pay something extra for it. Just as I would be willing to pay to get rid of the Pixum logo. It is pretty big on the back of the album and I couldn’t find an option to get rid of it.

Pixum Minifotoboek

I decided to give this photalbum as a present to the boyfriend, because it was our three year anniversary on Monday. He is the most hardest person to buy present for so along with a present we bought togheter this was a great surprise.

You can find a lot of photogifts at Pixum, from mugs to snowballs, bags, coasters and more. A gift that also does it well is a personalised photocalendar. A few years ago (I believe it was three or four) we made one for my dad with photos of his three daughters on it and I believe he thinks it was one of the best presents he has ever gotten. He keeps hitning about it every year again, lol. So maybe next year I will actually do it and make a new one at Pixum for him.

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  • DdhinidhindhiniiDDhini Friday November 30th, 2012 at 02:28 PM

    super leuk en mooie foto`s ook en handig dat je gelijk twee besteld. Ik wil ook voor mijn moeder bestellen…alle foto`s van Djess 😉

  • Nieke Thursday November 29th, 2012 at 11:04 PM

    Wat een leuke foto’s! 🙂 Ziet er heel mooi uit. Pixum heeft ook hele mooie canvassen.

  • Evey Thursday November 29th, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    Leuk dat je 2 hebt besteld! Mooie foto’s ook. Xo