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We are going to the Stones in London!

19 October 2012
My sister, dad and me at the Rolling Stones concert in Landgraaf in 1999

Whoa, we are going to the first show of the Rolling Stones 50 and counting tour in the London O2 arena next month! My dad has been a big fan of the Rolling Stones since he was just a little boy and growing up we used to listen to the music of the Rolling Stones a lot. We would dance around the house or sit om my dad’s “jumping” around on Brown Sugar or You Got Me Rockin’. And at every “hee” he would push our legs further into the air and we would have a lot of fun.

You Got Me Rockin’ Live at Copacabana Beach in 2006

I was only nine years old when I went to my first concert. Oh no, I was still in my momma’s stomach, lol. But I don’t know much about that concert anymore. So back to my first concert I can remember, a concert of the Rolling Stones in Landgraaf (The Netherlands) as a part of their No Security World Tour. My sister was only seven at the time and I was nine. When we arrived there the festival area was already open but this nice security guy gave us bracelets for the front of stage area (I believe they call it the golden circle nowadays at most concerts but back in those days you couldn’t buy tickets for that area). So we could enjoy our very first Stones concert with a nice view and no pushing people. And you bet we enjoyed it. Of course on our dad’s neck!

My sister, dad and me at the Rolling Stones concert in Landgraaf in 1999My sister, dad and me at the Rolling Stones concert in Landgraaf in 1999. Not the best quality, these are prints that have been in my dad’s and sister’s wallets for about 11 years now. 

After that I also went to the Rotterdam show of the Licks World Tour in 2003 and the Nijmegen show of the A Bigger Bang World Tour in 2007. I was also supposed to go to the Amsterdam show in 2006 but it got moved and I wasn’t able to go anymore. But now I am. And the great part is: we are taking my little sister! Yes, she is only six years old but she knows a lot of songs (by name after just hearing the first few tones) and is very excited as well. She has been to concerts and festivals before and perphaps this is the last time they will tour. So I think it is great my dad is able to take all of his girls to London to enjoy a concert all together.

The Rolling Stones 2007 NijmegenSome of the photos I took of the Rolling Stones in 2007, taken from my old photosite.

The official promo for Start Me up, back in the days. Be on the look out for the priceless facial expressions of Charlie!

We will fly to Londen, from Amsterdam, on Saturday morning so we have the whole day in the city to do some sightseeing (it will also be the first city trip of my little sister, there goes my dream of taking her on her first city trip to Paris, lol) and shopping. I can’t wait to see what the atmosphere will be like at the end of November. On Sunday we have some more time in the city and in the evening it is time for the concert! We will fly back home on Monday at the end of the day, so then it’s time for some last minute shopping and sight-seeing as well.

Writing this post and looking up some songs on YouTube to embed with it I get more and more excited. Making a playlist of my favorite Stones songs right now (see yesterdays post), lol. Only five week to go! You got me rockin’.

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  • Ilse Friday October 19th, 2012 at 09:55 AM

    Aahhhh geweldig!!! Londen is echt een magische stad, je zult verliefd thuis komen! De O2 is ook echt geweldig, er hangt (tenminste tijdens de Westlife concerten) zo’n geweldige sfeer, ze spelen ook heel leuk met ‘t publiek voor het concert begint. Echt leuk!

    • Shanti Saturday October 20th, 2012 at 06:37 PM

      Jaa ik ben er al vaker geweest, maar dat was in de zomer 😀 En ooit met school een dagje in december ofzo. Ben benieuwd hoe het nu is en naar de o2 🙂