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Tag Thursday: Been there, done that

12 July 2012

I love to travel and discover new places. So when I saw this tag at Jesdiny I knew I wanted to do it.

Which countries have you visited?
The Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, England, Finland (Lapland), Russia, Tunesia, Egypt and Mexico.

Which destination is on top of your wishlist? Where do you really want to go some time?
Thailand, Malaysia, China, Australia, Hawaii, Africa, Malediven, Mauritius, Curacoa, Sechelles and Indonesia. That came out without thinking very had about it. So you could say a lot of places. At this moment Africa is on top of the wishlist.

What is your most ideal vacation?
A combination of relaxing en discorvering things. I can’t lay on the beach for a week, it drives me crazy. I want to do things, see things, discover things. Get to know another culture. If you look at that combination the most perfect vacation was Lanzarote. In the morning we discover the island (another part everyday) and after that we went to the pool or beach to relax. For me discovering something is more important than laying on the beach, especially when you have to travel far. I can lay on the beach in Europa all day as well so why would I sit on a plane for 10 hours to lay on the beach all day? And the food: I love to try new and local food.

Which place was so special you would like to visit it again?
Mexico, there are so many beautiful things in that country that I still want to visit. Oh and Lapland. How beautiful is that place!

Do you have a favorite vacation picture?
Ik can’t choose! I have multiple favorites from each vacation. Here are two. The first one is with both of my sisters in Cyprus (2010) and that was the last time we all went on vacation with each other. The second one is from june 2011 with my dad in front of the pyramids during a worktrip in Caïro. What an experience that was! Alone the ride to it!

Have you ever been to a special destination for your work?
Yes, I have been to fairs abroad twice: Moscow and Caïro. Luckily my dad wants to discover new stuff as much as I want so besides working days there was one day on both trips where we could do some cultural things. And if everything goes well I’m going to Beijing in September for work as well.

With who do you travel the most?
The last few years with the boyfriend. We have been on a vacation together three times now (Lanzarote, Turkey and Mexico) and many weekends away. He is exactly like me on vacation: nothing is a must, everything is possible and no whole days filled with nothing. He wants to discover new things just like me, so that’s a perfect combination. I hope to travel to many places with him.

With who would you like to go on vacation?
When my youngest sister is older I would love to take her to a city abroad (where she has never been before) and discover it with her. My grandpa and grandma used to live in Surinam many, many years ago (my mother was born there, but she did went to school in the Netherlands) so I would love to visit this country with my grandma, mother and my two years younger sister.

Who or what would you take on a deserted island?
The boyfriend, insulin, sunglasses and lots and lots of books.

Have you ever been on vacation in your own country? Where?
Yes, when I was little we always went to the camping in The Netherlands. I’ve been at CenterParcs many times and sometimes I go away for the weekend with the boyfriend in The Netherlands.

Would you rather go to an amusement park or to the zoo?

Would you rather want a sun or winter vacation?

What is your best vacation memory?
I have a lot of great memories. When we were little, playing until late in the evening with my sister and new friends on the camping. Snorkeling above the coral in the carribbean sea. Pyramids. The first vacation with the boyfriend. The first one with my little sister. Going away with a friend and having fun. And so on and so on.

What is your worst vacation memory?
The annoying man in Turkey in front of every shop, restaurant, bar etc. They didn’t understand the words “no thank you” (or no or NOOOOOO!). You would do half an hour over a 3 minute walk. Some would grab you and try to pull you inside. The vacation itself was wonderful, but I wouldn’t go back to Turkey because of this experience.

To which countries are you going for your vacation this year?
I already went to Mexico en in the summer I’m going to Greece (Corfu).

Where would you never go on vacation?
I’m not scared easily by the media (I was in Caïro at the end of the riots over there) but if your life is not safe (war etc.) I wouldn’t go.

If you want to take this tag, go ahead I tag all of you! Let me know if you did it, I love to read your stories!

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  • marlyssa Tuesday July 17th, 2012 at 06:16 PM

    Vind het altijd leuk om zulke verhalen/ervaringen te lezen van andere! Je hebt al veel mooie plekken gezien.

  • Jesdiny Saturday July 14th, 2012 at 04:02 PM

    Wat leuk dat je deze tag hebt overgenomen!! Hij is zo leuk! Mooie plekken heb je ook gezien. Ik ben zelf ook in Egypte geweest maar heb de pyramides niet gezien. Lijkt me heel bijzonder!

  • Dina Friday July 13th, 2012 at 08:20 AM

    Leuk om te lezen hoor, en wat ben je al op veel plekker geweest zeg!