2013 and 2014 in one word

7 January 2014
Lesbos Greece

I already talked a bit about it on December the 31st: at the beginning of 2013 I described 2012 with one word and chose a word for 2013.

f I had to choose a word for 2013 it would probably be growing and/or choosing more for myself. And letting go. I am a bit of a control freak and I have a hard time to let things go. I want everybody I love to get along and will act as a mediator between people to make sure everybody is okay with the situation and everybody is having a good time. In 2013 I want to develop myself more. I want to do more of the things I like and love and I want to choose for myself more often. I don’t consider this a new year’s resolution but more of a goal. Because a goal is something you can work to.

And I can say I succeeded with this goal! I learned to let loose and chose more for myself. I really enjoyed the last year, grew and put my self first more and more. I say no easier and try to choose for myself more often and only do thing I really enjoy.

Besides graduating and starting add a new school all of the trips I made in 2013 are a true highlight for me. It started with a girlsweekend in Antwerp, followed by a citytrip to Stockholm, London, Portugal, another girlsweekend, Lesbos and Madeira. I really enjoy and love traveling and discovering new places. Wheter it is close or far from home. Hopefully 2014 will be filled with some amazing trips as well. Because my school needs more time now I can’t work as much and my budget is a bit lower. But traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive and I am sure that next year around this time I will look back on an amazing year.

Lesbos GreeceHaving a delicious meal for just a few Euros on the beach in Lesbos, Greece.

But halfway through 2013 I also experienced panic attacks for the first time ever. En although I did learn to let loose and choose for myself one of the reasons for those panic attacks is pressure myself to much, having very high standards for myself and being unable to let go. However, because of those panic attacks I did learn to let things go really fast. Because of this my word for 2014 will be boundaries. To recognize and acknowledge them. As many of us (‘aah I’m not feeling so well, well only a few hours of school. Let’s do this!’) I have the tendency to step over them and to go on and on and on. But I take it one step further. I always think I can do more, take it up a notch and ‘why not?’ is a very familiar thought in my mind. By stepping over a boundary time after time I start to get bothered by little things faster and I can’t let things go anymore. Also my body will literally tell me to stop by getting really sick. So in 2014 I am going to acknowledge those boundaries, how vague that may sound to some of you. And I’m also going to eat more healthy. I already eat pretty good but I did eat a lot of candy in the past two months (like at least a bag a week, and that is a lot for me). And I can feel it. Some pants are a bight tighter. But most important I have less energy. So back to making healthy choses when it comes to snacking.

Question: If you had to describe your 2013 in one word, what would it be? / Als je jouw 2013 in één woord moet omschrijven, wat zou dat dan zijn?

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  • Maxime Saturday January 11th, 2014 at 03:57 AM

    Mooie reisjes heb je gemaakt! Hopelijk lukt het je om dit jaar ook te gaan reizen 🙂