New favorite: Eight Hour Cream

13 July 2012
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I had already heard and read a lot of great things about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream when I stumbled upon it at Kruidvat a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if the cream would really be better than your normal tin of Vaseline of Labello-stick so I didn’t want to spend 14 euros on it. But at Kruidvat they had (or still have?) them for a great price: only 5 euros! So I decided to buy i tand try it. And I have to admit that the product is totally worth the 5 euros or even 14. I’ve used it every day for the last few weeks and it is definitly a new favorite of mine.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I had to get used to the scent in the beginning, because it’s a bit herby and typical. But it doesn’t smell bad or anything, just not like your normal cream.

Normally my lips get dry pretty quick. With the current weather I had to use Vaseline of Labello multiple times a day otherwise I would get very dry lips and sometimes even dead skin on my lips. Not a very good look. But since I use the Eight Hour Cream I don’t have to do this anymore! I put it on my lips once a day, at maximum. Sometimes every other day (depending on the weather). And they don’t get that dry anymore!

I also use it on my elbows, because they tend to get try very often. Problem solved as well. You can use the cream for many things; on wounds, dry skin, your eyebrows (to keep them in shape) etc.

The Eight Hour cream excists since 1930 and the name is based on a experience of a customer. She put the cream on a wound on her sons knee and after eight hours his knee was healed. This tube contains 30ml, I don’t know how long you can do with it but after a few weeks of usage my tube is still pretty full. The format is perfect to carry in your everyday bag and I would definitly buy this product again.

Question: Do you use the Eight Hour cream? / Gebruik jij Eight Hour cream?

Photo by me.

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