Lush Sale Haul

28 December 2012
Lush Sale Haul

Yesterday evening I walked into Lush with my dad to buy the Emotional Brilliance Powder. I received a sample of it two months ago in Antwerp and I have used it everyday since. And I loved it. The texture, the soft smell and the way my concealer and/or foundation stays on all day when I put this on with a pressing motion. When I walked into the store the saleswoman asked me if I knew about their sale that just started that day. The whole Christmas collection and the presents are on sale for 50% off, but that wasn’t the only thing. Everything that is made before October the first is on sale (in the stores) for 50% off as well! So besides the powder I also bought some other stuff. Here is my Lush Haul.

Lush Sale Haul
I ended up buying three other products besides the Emotional Brilliance Powder I went to Lush for. I also wanted to buy a back-up Lemony Flutter, but since they go really fast they didn’t have any that were made before October first, so I decided I will just buy that when I’m almost out of it.

Lush Sale Haul: Emotional Brilliance Powder
The first thing I bought is the Emotional Brilliance Powder. As I said, I love the powder and it makes my make-up stay on the whole day. The only thing I had about it is the container that it comes in. The powder gets in the lid, as you can see on the photo. When you put it back on the powder falls besides it. And because it has an open top you will always get too much on your brush. I had saved an old container from an Essence Powder that I didn’t like and put some of the powder inside of it.

Lush Haul: Dream Cream
I use Dream Cream almost everyday on my arms, where I have keratosis pilaris. So for 50% off I had to buy a back-up off it. It is good until November and I will definitely use it before that time because I normally use 2-3 a year and I bought a new one back in October. It works wonders for my KP and from time to time I also use it on other places on my body, such as my legs when they are pretty dry.

Lush Haul: Dream Wash
When I bought Dream Cream the last time in Antwerp the saleswoman washed my hands with the Dreamwash, which matches the scent of the Dream Cream. It felt amazing and my hands were soft for the rest of the day! Because I already spent quite a bit of money that day I didn’t buy it, but I did love it. So with 50% off I couldn’t not take this baby home with me.

Lush Haul Bruisballen
I also bought two of these sparkling balls for in the bath. They smell SO good! It smells like cinnamon and is! Can’t wait to try these.

The Lush sale will last until the end of January in Dutch stores, I’m not sure about stores in other countries. All products from the Christmas collection, the presents and all products made before October the first are 50% off. In the webshop there is a 50% off on selected items sale as well at the moment.

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  • Dhini Friday January 4th, 2013 at 07:59 PM

    love sale! Wat leuk aankopen

  • Arlette Sunday December 30th, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    Ohh uitverkoop bij de lush, dat is nooit goed voor mijn portemonnee, maar klinkt als heerlijke producten die je hebt gekocht!

  • Dorien Saturday December 29th, 2012 at 09:09 PM

    Oh mooie spulletjes heb je gekocht! Ik heb ook nog een aantal Lush producten op mijn verlanglijstje, denk dat het nu wel tijd is om die te gaan aanschaffen!

  • Les is more Friday December 28th, 2012 at 07:10 PM

    Jaaaa! Gewoon kats sale. Ik liep er ook langs en dacht ‘even naar binnen’. En toen huh, sale? Oke! Mr. Bumble voor de helft en tonic. Love it!
    Leuke blog heb je!

  • Bo Friday December 28th, 2012 at 05:17 PM

    Ohw wat een heerlijke producten! Lush is zo ver vanwaar ik woon, anders was ik ook even gaan kijken.