Getting ready for summer: get those legs out

18 April 2013
Get those legs out

As soon as the sun shines and temperatures are above 15 degrees Celcius you can do it, if you ask me. Go bare legged! Maybe not in a short or miniskirt, but you can definitely show your underlegs. And yes I can hear you thinking “but those white legs of mine can’t be seen in public!”. Maybe not, of course they look prettier with a bit of color on them but if you don’t take them out they will still be white when it is summer and way to hot for long pants and leggings. My legs always take the longest to develop some color, especially the back. But because I take them whenever temperatures let me they do have a nice color in the summertime and I can put on a dress or shorts in the morning without thinking about it. What I like to do in springtime is to help them a bit. How? By following these steps.

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outThese are my favorite products to use to make sure that my legs are ready to catch those first bits of sun. I use all of these products throughout the year, except the Dove bodylotion and the nailpolish. If I paint my toe nails in wintertime it is in a naturel color.

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outStep 1 starts under the shower: exfoliate! You remove dead skin, your legs will be smoother and get a more equal color. I am currently using this one from Kruidvat, which is just fine but I do not really have a favorite scrub. Whatever is on hand. I do however love it if yhey have a cocosmell: it reminds me of summer.

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outAfter exfoliating I shave my legs with this throw away razor from gillette. I like to exfoliate first because otherwise I will get ingrowns hairs but if you prefer to exfoliate after shaving that’s also okay. And don’t forget to shave your armpits as well. Now you can at least take of your vest when it’s hot outside (while sitting in the sun).

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outAfter showering it is time to moisturize your legs. I like to use the Dove summer flow milk for this. A very nourishing lotion with a little bit of self tanner in it. If I use self tanner I never get it right but with this lotion you can’t go wrong. I use normal to dark skin and I would recommend this for everyone. I have a normal skin (I’m not very pale and my skin get’s some color quite fast) but I don’t see result after using it once I really have this lotion a few times. I would suggest using it two or three times a week. And don’t forget to keep using it because it isn’t a very “deep” color so it will vanish pretty fast.

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outWhile you are waiting for your skin to soak up the bodylotion you can paint your nails (and cut them if you need to). One of my favorite colors at the moment is this bright red one from Catrice. Once my legs are a little bit brighter I also like to use even brighter colors such as (almost neon) pink. I do not use a base- or topcoat on my toe nails , to the displeasure of my pedicure because my nails once got all yellow because of dark blue polish. If you don’t want this to happen to your nails I suggest using a basecoat.

Getting ready for summer:Get those legs outOnce the nail polish is dry it is time to do something with your feet. Beautiful legs, nice toe nails and feet with big callus spots (from all those winterboots) is not what we want. This is my favorite cream for my feet. What I like to do: put a thick layer of it on my feet (don’t forget your ankles, cuticles and in between your toes) and put on some socks. I let it soak in for a while and several hours later (or the next morning) my feet are supersoft. When I use this cream I don’t need something to remove callus but if you do need to remove this I would suggest doing it right after your shower.

And your legs are ready for summer! Make sure you keep up with this routine and you will be able to show of your legs any time and any moment without having to worry.

Question: How do you make your legs summer ready? / Hoe zorg jij dat je benen zomerklaar zijn?

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  • Malou Friday April 19th, 2013 at 08:50 AM

    Die bodylotion klinkt erg goed!

  • Sas Friday April 19th, 2013 at 06:46 AM

    Oh die Dove lijkt me wel wat!