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Tarly with butter beans

3 May 2013

I really like butter beans. For some reason they are a bit hard to get but if I find them somewhere I buy them immediately and can’t wait to prepare them. My favorite way? With tarly, minced meat, cherry tomatoes and pinenuts. Tarly is a pure wheat and you could compare it with rice or other grains, but the structure and taste is totally different. Tarly also contains a lot of fibres. Here is a very easy and fast recipe for tarly with butter beans. Perfect for those days you don’t have a lot of time but do want to make something a little bit different.


Ingredients for 2 persons
200gr Tarly
250gr butter beans
250gr minced meat
250gr cherry tomatoes
A handful of pinenuts
Minced meat herbs

Prepare the tarly according to the instructions on the package. In the mean time you can season the minced meat with the herbs and bake it in a big pan or wok. Once the meat is almost done you can add the butter beans. Add the tomatoes at the end, don’t bake them too long: you want them to be warm but not super hot and soft. Roast the pinenuts in a pan without oil and add those and the tarly to the mix. Eet smakelijk!

I used beef minced meat this time but I actually prefer chicken minced meat.

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