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Lunch salad

17 September 2013
Lunch salad

Whenever I have a full day of school and need to lunch at school I always bring a salad with me. Never bread. I don’t like the way it tasted after it has been in your bag for several hours. I got a really nice container at HEMA that has a cooling element, a separate container for the dressing and a fork. What kind of salad I take depends on what was for dinner the day before. If I have pasta, rice, couscous, tarly or quinoa I always make a little bit extra so this can serve as a base for my lunch the next day. Maybe I should do a post about my tips and tricks for nice lunch combinations and how to take it? Anyway, today I wanted to share one of my lunch salads with you guys.
Lunch salad

Ingredients for 1 person

50gr pasta
4-6 mushrooms
6 small (sweet) tomatoes
Lettuce of choice (I used a mix)
Herbs (I used a mix of Italian herbs)
Garlic oil

I already had some pasta in the refridgerator, but I you don’t prepare the pasta according to instructions on the package. Drown it with cold water, so the pasta won’t be warm anymore. Cut the mushrooms in quarters and bake them for a few minutes in some oil (until they develop some color). Cut the tomatoes in half. Put some lettuce of choice in a bowl, put the pasta on top of it and then the mushrooms and tomatoes. Spread some mozzarella over the salad and sprinkle some garlic oil on it. Finish off with some Italian herbs and your lunch salad is ready. Eet smakelijk!

How to make this lunch salad lactose free: This salad is lactose free but be carefull with the mozzarella. The cheaper kind can contain some lactose, so make sure you buy real buffalo mozzarella.

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  • Jennifer Wednesday November 20th, 2013 at 04:16 PM

    Ziet er lekker uit! Misschien dat ik het ook eens ga maken, pluspunt is dat je het mee kan nemen naar je werk :d

  • Marlies Saturday September 21st, 2013 at 09:53 AM

    Ik ben eigenlijk wel benieuwd naar de box waar je het over hebt!