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Lunch: grilled sandwich

15 March 2013
Geitenkaas tosti

Whenever I have my lunch at home I like to put a little bit more effort in it. Make it a little bit special, because I get to eat the easy peasy bread and salads enough when I have lunch at school or my internship. Last week I decided to make a little grilled sandwich for myself. Since I can’t have lactose anymore I can’t eat cheesesandwiches and from time to time I really miss to. I decided to experiment with goatcheese (because I can eat that) and it turned out pretty well. I actually made another variant of this sandwich today: with a slice of goatcheese, tomatoes, lettuce en pesto between the bread. This recipe is super easy and fast, but by grilling your sandwich you make it a little bit more fun.

Geitenkaas tosti

Ingredients for 2 sandwiches
2 round sandwiches (that you still need to bake in the oven)
3 rounds of goatcheese
2 lettuces leaves

Pre-heat your grill. Cut the sandwiches in halfs. Put a lettuce leave on the bottom, 1,5 round of goatcheese on top (squeeze it a bit with a spoon or knife) and some honey. But the top back on and put your sandwich in the grill. Your sandwich is done when it’s crispy. Sprinkles some walnuts on top of your sandwich and you are ready to eat. Eet smakelijk!

If you want to you can put the walnust in the sandwich (2-3 per sandwich) and grill them as well, but I like my walnuts better when they are normal.

How to make this lactose free: I can eat goat cheese, but this is different for every person so check with the person you are making it for. Also make sure to check the ingredients of the sanwiches: most brown bread is on soy base but not all sandwiches are!

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  • Joyce Saturday March 16th, 2013 at 11:33 AM

    Looks good! I might try this!