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Good old favorite: eggnoodles with shrimps

19 April 2013
Eiernoedels met garnalen

I’ve made this dish many times during the first summer I was living on my own (this will be the thirth). It was a true favorite during that summer but I’ve kind of forgotten about it after that summer. I think I’ve only made it once or twice since. While I was traveling home on Tuesday I was thinking what I wanted to make for dinner (I pass by a supermarket so that’s pretty handy) and all of the sudden this recipe came to mind. I got all the ingredients and started making this. And it was as good as I rememberd. Why o why did I not make this dish for such a long time? Before eating it I made some photos so I would not forget about it anymore and could share the recipe on here. This good old favorite will be server a lot more! Here is the recipe.

Eggnoodles with shrimps - Eiernoedels met garnalen

Ingedrients for 2 persons
75gr Chinese eggnoodles
1 Red bell pepper
1 Onion
150gr Mushrooms
100-150gr (big) Shrimps
150gr seaweedsalad

Cook some water in a pan and prepare the noodles according to the instructions on the package (they only need a few minutes). While the water is heating up and the noodles are cooking you can cut the onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms and remove the tails from the shrimps. Heat up some oil in a big pan or wok and bake the onions until they are glazy. Add the bell pepper and bake for about one minute. Now you can add the mushrooms. Once the vegetables are almost ready you can add the shrimps. Put the noodles on two plates and put the vegetables and shrimps on top of them. Garnish with some soysauce. Don’t use too much, you can always add more to taste. Divide the seaweed salad and you are ready. I always like to put the salad in a little bowl because I don’t like it when it gets gooey from the hot noodles. Eet smakelijk.

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