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2 August 2013

Today is going to be the hottest day of this summer so far. In the south of the Netherlands, where I am, it can get over 38 degrees! On days like this I do not like warm food. What I do like? Salads! Or a delicious cold gazpacho. On my vacation in Portugal I ate a very good gazpacho with cilantro in it. I never ate a gazpacho with cilantro, but being the cilantro lover that I am I loved it. Back home I decided to experiment and this is the result. My recipe for a delicious, cold and refreshing gazpacho.


Ingredients for four bowls

Half a (normal, not a big one!) cucumber
One sweet pointed bell pepper
A dish of tastytom (or other small sweet) tomatoes
One onion
One lime
Two garlic cloves
70gr tomatojuice
25ml olive oil
A big hand of fresh cilantro

Cut the cucumber, bell pepper and tomatoes into pieces and add them to a blender. How small you have to cut the pieces depends on the power of your blender. While the blender is doing it’s work you can cut the onion and garlic into small pieces. Add them as well. Let it blend for a moment and add the tomatiejuice and olive oil. Cut the cilantro fine and add it with the juice of the lime. Let the blender blend until you have a smooth gazpacho. Taste it and add more cilantro to your own taste. But don’t forget that the gazpacho still needs to go into the fridge and the flavor of the cilantro will get more intense in there. Put the gazpacho into a pan or big bowl (you will have a small litre of soup) and put in in the fridge for at least thirty minutes. Divide the gazpacho over four smaller bowls and add some fresh cilantro on top. Eet smakelijk!


P.s. when I made this photos I used a big cucumbers and I thought the gazpacho tasted too watery/cucumbery. To fix this I added some more tomatojuice but this also made the gazpacho a little bit thicker. But it still tasted amazing, as always.

How do you make gazpacho lactose free? This gazpacho is lactose free. If you add some bread as a sidedish make sure it doesn’t contain lactose.

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