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Baked egg-plant

29 March 2013
Gebakken aubergine

Egg-plant is one of my favorite vegetables. Most of the time I cut it into slices and grill them or I cut it into pieces and wok them. Time for something different! Baked egg-plant with a nice crust. It is super easy and pretty fast to make. The only thing: your hands will get a little bit dirty! You can combine it with almost anything. I combined it with pasta, pesto, little tomatoes and some pine nuts. But I believe this will also taste great with some rice and minced meat.

Gebakken aubergine

Ingredients for 2 persons
1 egg-plant
50gr all purpose flower
100-150gr breadcrumbs
2 eggs
Salt to taste
Three bowls

Break the eggs and mix the yolk with the egg white. Put the all purpose flower in a bowl and the breadcrumbs with some salt (to taste, but don’t be afraid to use it because otherwise your crust will taste like nothing) in another bowl. Cut the egg-plant in slices that are about 1,5cm thick. Heat up some oil in a big pan on mediumlow heat. Take a slice of egg-plant, put it in the flower, then through the egg mix and then in the bowl with breadcrumbs. Make sure both sides of the egg-plant are covered in breadcrumbs. Put it in your pan and go on with the next one. Each slide needs to bake for about seven minutes. Make sure you flip the slices after about three of four minutes. While the slices are baking you can prepare the rest of your meal. Eet smakelijk!

If you don’t like to use too much salt you could also use some oregano or some other herb. I would suggest mixing something with the breadcrumbs because otherwise it won’t taste so good.

How to make this lactose-free: Make sure you won’t use breadcrumbs from bread that has milk/lactose in it. Bake the egg-plant in oil or vegetable based butter. And take a look at the rest of your meal: I used homemade pesto because the ones from the supermarket have lactose in them most of the time.

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  • Arlette Saturday March 30th, 2013 at 12:10 PM

    Hmm leuke manier om eens te varieren met aubergine. Ik gril of wok het eigenlijk zelf altijd