Coconut oil

23 July 2012

Since a little while is use 100% pure coconut oil for my cooking. Why? Because it is even healthier than for example olive oil and it is very good for your body.

Why is coconut oil so good for you?

  • Coconut oil contains less calories and fats than other oils.
  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid. Lauric acid can also be found in high degree in (human) mothermilk. It has a beneficial effect on your cholesterol and it helps you to increase your resistance against bacteria and viruses.
  • Your body won’t store the fats that are in coconut oil (and then uses them) but it will use them directly as a energy source.
  • It is mild for your stomach and it helps you with a healthy intestinal flora (otherwise a good bowel movement).
  • It is easy to digest.
  • The fats in coconut oil stimulate your metabolism and so your fat burning (but news about how much of it you need changes a lot. Most sources say 3 tablespoons a day).
  • It has a favorable impact on your blood sugar which will prevent you from hunger attacks.
  • It is tasteless and odorless.

The biggest advantage of coconut oil compared to olive oil (which is mostly promoted as the most healthiest oil) is that it contains Het grootste voordeel van kokosolie ten opzichte van olijfolie (wat veelal bestempeld wordt als de “gezondste” olie) laurid acid. It is one of the very few natural sources that contain this.

The coconut oil that I have is from Royal Green. I bought it at “De Tuinen” for about 5 or 6 euros. They also have very big pots (they are about 25 euros). In proportion they are cheaper but I wanted to try it before spending a lot of money on it. They call it cooking cream but it only contains coconut oil. Please be aware that you buy 100% coconut oil (it should only have one ingredient on the list) otherwise the advantage is gone.

I use it to wok, bake and to roest. If a recipe says I need to use olive oil I decide if I want to or not. Sometimes olive oil gives a recipe some extra taste so of course I will use it then. I do use (liquid) butter if I make steak, but that is something that I do not eat very often so it is okay to be special and a little bit fat. I also use it as butter (when I put chocolate sprinkles on my bread). You could also put a little spoon of it in your tea of choco milk. But that is just to get a little bit more of it into your system.

Coconut oil has a solid form in the pot but you can easily take a little bit out with a spoon or knife. It is not as soft as butter and not as hard a ice. If you put it in your pan or on your bread you will notice it will melt pretty fast. If you put a little bit on your skin it will be a liquid oil in a few seconds.

Coconut oil is not only good for the inside of your body but for the outside as well! I use it as a hair mask. Every two or three weeks I put it in and my hair became so much more prettier and healthier. The mask? Put some oil in your hands until it’s fluid, put it in your hair (until it is greasy but not to greasy) and let is soak in for about 30 minutes. Now take a shower and wash your hair twice with your normal shampoo. Use conditioner en that’s it. I’ve heard it is also good for your skin and apparently you can even use it as a deodorant! I’m going to test all of these things and I will tell you more about it in a little while.

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