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Easter yellow

22 April 2014
Outfit of the day H&M, Forever21, Steve Madden

Did you have a nice Easter? And did you enjoy your extra day off? My Easter was a combination of working (lots of things to do and lots of deadlines) and enjoying. Excellent combination if you ask me. On sunday morning we had a brunch with the grandma’s of my boyfriend, afterwards I visited my grandma and after that it was time to work. On monday morning I worked as well and around noon my dad and sister arrived. Together we went over to my sisters house and we also went shopping. It was super quiet in the city centre, so that was really nice. My boyfriend joined us as well and we ended the day with a nice burger at De Burger. It was a great day with a perfect combination between work and good company.

I have this yellow pants that I wore a lot last year. During the wintertime I didn’t wear them, because I find yellow pants more suitable for spring. Yellow is a perfect color for Easter so I decided to wear them yesterday. While my dad and sister were doing some chores around her house my little sister and I went for a walk. We visited my mom, to pick up some stuff and my sister shot my outfit. So here is my Easter outfit of the day.

Outfit van de dag: Paasgeel inc. H&M, Steve Madden, Forever21H&M, Forever21, Steve Madden

Outfit of the day H&M, Forever21, Steve Madden

Outfit van de dag H&M, Forever21, Steve MaddenMy pants, gilets and earrings are from H&M, the blouse is from Forever21 and the booties are from Steve Madden. I am also wearing one of the bracelets I bought in Corfu.

misses photographerAnd how cute is this photo? I took it with my phone, while my sister (7) was photographing my outfit.

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  • Svenja Friday April 25th, 2014 at 08:03 AM

    Prachtige foto’s & outfit!

  • Kimberley Tuesday April 22nd, 2014 at 11:04 PM

    Ik vind geel zo’n lekker kleurtje als het weer wat beter wordt. Heb voor mijn dochtertje witte sneakertjes, een gele broek en een wit topje klaarliggen, zo leuk! Die laatste foto ook, lief dat je zusje foto’s voor/van je maakt!