Outfit of the day

Happy 50th Birthday

6 March 2014
Outfit of the day

Yesterday my mom turned fifty. And of course we had to celebrate. Because it was the day after carnaval I was free from school and my mom was free as well. In the morning she got picked up for a pamperday. While she was at the beautysalon my sister, grandmother and I decorated the house and did groceries for the party in the evening. After the beautymonring it was time for a high-tea with some friends and family.

It was a beautiful day yesterdat and before we went to the high-tea my sister took some photos of my outfit. The jacket is new, I bought it at WE last weekend. It is dark blue and I’m in doubt whether I want to get it in black as well or not. My black blazer is starting to look a bit old and I do wear that one a lot. It was super sunny but of course there was a cloud in front of the sun the moment we wanted to take pictures.
Outfit of the day

Outfit of the dayMy jeans are from ONLY, pumps from Steve Madden, top from Primark, blaer from WE and the sunglasses are from Primark as well.

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  • Marlissa Saturday March 8th, 2014 at 08:36 AM

    Nog gefeliciteerd!