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Cabo de São Vincente

30 July 2013
Cabo de Sao Vincente

When one is in the Algarve one needs to visit Cabo de São Vincente. This cape is the southwesternmost point of Portugal. And even of Europe to be precise. Visiting this cape was a surreal experience. My dad already visited this place two years ago and told us to bring a jacket or vest, because back then it was super foggy and cold over there. They even sell big knitted sweaters over there! It was a beautiful day and the sky was as blue as it could get. But once we got closer we could see some clouds, faraway on the sea. No biggie. But than it happened. One moment we we’re standing in the sun and within a few minutes we we’re completely surrounded by fog! On the photos below you can see the difference. It was super weird and cool and the same time. Luckily for us it was pretty hot that day so when the fog came it was still okay and we didn’t need our jackets. When we drove to a nearby village to have some lunch by the sea we looked back and saw the fog hanging over the sea and the cape.

Cabo de Sao VincenteCabo de Sao Vincente

Cabo de Sao Vincente

Here is my outfit of the day for our trip to Cabo de São Vincente. Because it was pretty hot I chose a basic outfit. Normally I would wear a necklace or something with just a basic tanktop but it was way to hot for that and because of the pockets of the short the outfit still had something fun going on.

Cabo de Sao Vincente

Cabo de Sao Vincente

Cabo de Sao Vincente

I’m wearing shorts from H&M Conscious, a burgundy tanktop from H&M and shoes from Keds. My little sisters is wearing an Rolling Stones tee from H&M, sunglasses from HEMA and Vans.

Photos by me and my dad.

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  • Elma Wednesday August 21st, 2013 at 07:07 AM

    Mooie foto’s! Ik ben er ook een keer geweest! Gaaf shortje ook!

  • Liv Friday August 2nd, 2013 at 03:56 PM

    The fog thing reminds me of Hong Kong! Hong Kong’s fog is so dense up on the mountain (the whole island is a giant mountain), but it’s clear on the streets near sea level (though there’s no sun). And the temperature difference … on the streets was about 35 but it was quite cool up top. Nature is amusing.

  • Joyce Tuesday July 30th, 2013 at 06:29 PM

    Oh wauw! Mooie foto’s!

  • Nieke Tuesday July 30th, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Super mooie foto’s! Vind je short erg leuk.