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Blush pink and denim

10 April 2013
Forever21 highlow skirt

The minute the sun peeks out I want to get out all my new spring/summer clothes and wear them. Such as this beautiful light blush pink Forever21 highlow skirt I bought while in Antwerp with my friends, back in January. It still was a bit chilly, but with tights it was okay. I normally don’t wear sandals with tights but I got the summer itches and didn’t really like any closed shoes combined with the skirt and the denim blouse.

To be totally honest I’m not a 100% content with these photos, it was sunny but also windy and chilly. This resulted in some weird facial expressions or a lot of closed eyes from me. And for some reason the outfit didn’t translate that well onto camera. But there were still some good shots (of me looking away from the camera, lol). And I think this is the first Outfit of the Day where I have my glasses on! I don’t wear glasses all the time, only when I have to drive in the dark, have been sitting behind the computer for way to long or when I’m a bit tired. And sometimes for school, when I can’t read what the teacher is writing on the board.
Forever21 highlow skirt Forever21 highlow skirt Forever21 highlow skirt Forever21 highlow skirt Forever21 highlow skirt Forever21 highlow skirt

I am wearing a Forever21 highlow skirts combined with a denim blouse from H&M and tanktop from Forever21. My sandals are from WE, the bracelets are the ones I bought in Corfu. My earstuds are from Primark and the necklace was gifted to me some years ago. Oh and the glasses are from Esprit.

Photos taken by my mom.

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  • Joyce Saturday April 13th, 2013 at 04:45 PM

    That a beautiful outfit! Looks great on you!