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2013 and 2014 in one word

I already talked a bit about it on December the 31st: at the beginning of 2013 I described 2012 with one word and chose a word for 2013. f I had to choose a word for 2013 it would probably be growing and/or choosing…

7 January 2014
Happy new year
Outfit of the day Personal

Happy new year!

Only a few hours left and then 2014 will be here! This past year flew by again. I would like to start this post by wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2014! Hopefully it will be a beautiful and great year for…

31 December 2013

Girls weekend

I’ve already talked about my amazing friends a few times on this blog. At the moments I really need them they show me what an amazing group of people I’ve gathered around me. But posting photos of them is something I rarely do, because…

19 July 2013
Portugal & London

I’m back

Portugal and London we’re both AM-AZ-ING! I am full of inspiration and have some “personal” blogs coming up. But right now I’m busy helping my “little” (she is two years younger than me, but bigger) sister because the day after we came back from…

17 July 2013
Personal Travel

We’re going to London again!

Freshly back from vacation and already catching the next plane for my next trip: to London! As some people may be able to guess: the Stones are performing in Hyde Park. Their first show was last weekend during our vacation but this weekend they…

14 July 2013
Outfit of the day Personal

Let’s Graduate

Today (or at the moment I am writing this yesterday since it’s after midnight) I finally got my diploma in marketing&communication! I’m really happy and ready for the next chapter in my life, after a lot of thinking I decided to go study for…

4 July 2013
Happy Birthday to me

It’s my birthday!

Whoohoo, today is my 23th Birthday! I already celebrated it with friends this weekend, while in Antwerp and they got me some pretty amazing gifts. Today I’m going to school and afterwards my dad and sister’s are coming over. In the evening some family…

16 January 2013
2012 in One word

2012 in one word

Sas wrote a blogpost about one word that could describe her year 2012 and asked her visitors what their word was. To answer this I actually had to think for a while. My word for 2012 is friends. Inspired by Sas’ posts I want…

3 January 2013
Winterlicious Tag

Tag Thursday: Winterlicious Tag

I had a great Christmas, but after three days of lots of food I don’t think I can see anymore food at this moment, lol! For today I decided to do the Winterlicious tag. I already saw it on YouTube a few weeks ago…

27 December 2012