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Make your own giftpaper

Last year for Sinterklaas I made my own giftpaper for the smaller gifts. It is a great way to personalize them and when they are laying around in a pile of gifts you can see for who they are very quick. Last weekend I…

27 July 2012
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

New favorite: Eight Hour Cream

I had already heard and read a lot of great things about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream when I stumbled upon it at Kruidvat a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if the cream would really be better than your normal tin of…

13 July 2012
Lifestyle Personal

Sports challenge

So I’m not a sports person. Not at all. I do not like to sport. I do not like to play a team sport and I definitely do not like to pay for something I’m not going to use. But of course we all…

29 June 2012
DIY Penholder

DIY: Pimp your pen holder

The pen holder on my desk was very boring. It was the plastic bin my pens came in. I put it right on my desk and it didn’t look pretty at all. One day I decided I had enough of it and pimped it.…

28 June 2012
Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris

About 40% of the people has keratosis pilaris. Red bumps on your arms that are rough to touch. It’s a innocent but annoying disease. About 40% of the adults has it and about 60-80% of the young adults. The name isn’t very well known,…

21 June 2012