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Homemade Guacamole
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Homemade guacamole

I really enjoy a good guacemole with some toast, chips or as a side dish. But let’s be honest: the premade guacamole you buy at the store doesn’t taste that good. But why would you buy premade if making it yourself only takes five…

27 August 2013
Lemon Bars
Recipes Snacks & sweets

Lemon Bars à la Cherryfizz

Years ago I saw a recipe for Lemon Bars on Gonny’s blog. I am a real citruslover (you know, the kind of person who prefers lots and lots of lemons in her water) but for some reason I never made them. Last week Gonny…

24 May 2013
Lactosevrije taart
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Lactose free strawberry pie

Last Saturday I visited my dad and little sister. Once my sister knew I was coming over she asked if we could bake something. Well, of course we could! In the train to Amsterdam I started looking for recipes, because I wanted to make…

23 February 2013
Lunch Ontbijt Recipes Snacks & sweets


I love making the food for my birthday. But this year I didn’t really have time for it. But the evening before my birthday I got creative in the kitchen and made delicious pestowraps. I found the recipe in a magazine and changed it…

18 January 2013
Recipes Snacks & sweets

Mango Chutney

What to do with a Mango that you really need to eat but you really don’t want to cut it up and eat it? Well, as a real kitchen princess I made a mango chutney of it! I never had it before but I…

11 January 2013