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Lunch salad
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Lunch salad

Whenever I have a full day of school and need to lunch at school I always bring a salad with me. Never bread. I don’t like the way it tasted after it has been in your bag for several hours. I got a really…

17 September 2013
Ceasar salad with tuna
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Christmas Dinner Part I : Ceasar salad amuses with tuna

Last week I cooked a four course pre Christmas dinner together with my friends. Almost everything was homemade and the four courses were completely lactose free. We started our dinner with an amuse which was a different take on a ceasar salad. The recipe…

18 December 2012
Quinoa salad
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Black bean quinoa salade

One of the things I’ve been eating a lot lately is quinoa. You can use it instead of rice but I think it is also nice as a salad! Cook it, mix it with some veggies and herbs and you have yourself a delicious…

7 December 2012
Courgette and walnut salad
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Courgette and Walnut salad

Last week I made a delicous salad to go with our biological chicken from the market. It was more than enough for two persones and very tasty. Here is how I made this courgette and walnut salad. Ingredients for 2-3 persons 1 courgette 250gr…

22 October 2012
Recipe for goatcheese salade with walnuts
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Goatcheese salad with walnuts

Before I give you the recipe for this goatcheese salad with walnuts I would like to tell a little story about my first experiences with walnuts. When I was little my grandparents used to have two big walnut trees in the garden. After a…

10 September 2012