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Pineapple rice with shrimps
Avondeten Recipes

Pineapple rice with shrimps

Trying out new recipes is something I really enjoy. And when a recipe turns out to be super quick and delicious I get a big smile on my face. For busy days I’m always on the hunt for new, quick and delicious recipes and…

2 July 2013
Aubergine lasagna
Avondeten Recipes

Egg-plant lasagna with tuna and spinach

Egg-plant, or aubergine, is one of my favorite vegetables (as many of you probably already know). I already ate it in many different ways but I had never used it to make lasagna. Time to change that. It wasn’t as hard as I expected…

31 May 2013
A refreshing summer drink
Drankjes Recipes

A refreshing summer drink 2

The last two days it finally looked like the end of spring. It was warm, not too hot but warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun. Days like that make me long for refreshing summer drinks. I already wrote a little bit…

28 May 2013
Lemon Bars
Recipes Snacks & sweets

Lemon Bars à la Cherryfizz

Years ago I saw a recipe for Lemon Bars on Gonny’s blog. I am a real citruslover (you know, the kind of person who prefers lots and lots of lemons in her water) but for some reason I never made them. Last week Gonny…

24 May 2013
Stuffed courgette
Avondeten Recipes

Stuffed round courgette

After I made stuffed eggplant last week it was time to stuff another favorite veggie of mine: courgette! I bought some round courgettes and these are perfect to stuff. They taste the same as your regular courgette, the only difference is the shape. The…

17 May 2013
Stuffed eggplant
Avondeten Recipes

Stuffed eggplant

I love eggplant, that’s not a big secret. I also love coriander but eat it far too little. This week I bought some fresh coriander, so I had to make something with it. I wanted to go for a simple dish: rice, minced meat…

10 May 2013
Avondeten Recipes

Tarly with butter beans

I really like butter beans. For some reason they are a bit hard to get but if I find them somewhere I buy them immediately and can’t wait to prepare them. My favorite way? With tarly, minced meat, cherry tomatoes and pinenuts. Tarly is…

3 May 2013
Eiernoedels met garnalen
Avondeten Recipes

Good old favorite: eggnoodles with shrimps

I’ve made this dish many times during the first summer I was living on my own (this will be the thirth). It was a true favorite during that summer but I’ve kind of forgotten about it after that summer. I think I’ve only made…

19 April 2013
Gebakken aubergine
Avondeten Recipes

Baked egg-plant

Egg-plant is one of my favorite vegetables. Most of the time I cut it into slices and grill them or I cut it into pieces and wok them. Time for something different! Baked egg-plant with a nice crust. It is super easy and pretty…

29 March 2013