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Lactosevrije banaan ei chocolade pannenkoekjes
Lunch Ontbijt Recipes

Chocolat banana-egg pancakes

Usually my breakfast is easy and fast. Nine out of ten times my breakfast will contain of soy yohurt with muesli or banana. Or a mashed banana with some almond milk, I heat it up for a minute and then add coco. Yumm. And…

15 April 2014
Lunch on the go
Lunch Lunch on the go Ontbijt

Breakfast or lunch on the go

Translation coming soon En zo is het alweer donderdag. Deze week is voor mij echt voorbij gevlogen. Vandaag om 17.00 uur was de deadline voor ons concept businessplan. Alhoewel wij een goede planning hadden en ook op schema lagen moest er deze week toch…

12 December 2013
Lunch salad
Lunch Recipes Salades

Lunch salad

Whenever I have a full day of school and need to lunch at school I always bring a salad with me. Never bread. I don’t like the way it tasted after it has been in your bag for several hours. I got a really…

17 September 2013
Lunch Recipes Soep


Today is going to be the hottest day of this summer so far. In the south of the Netherlands, where I am, it can get over 38 degrees! On days like this I do not like warm food. What I do like? Salads! Or…

2 August 2013
Geitenkaas tosti
Lunch Recipes

Lunch: grilled sandwich

Whenever I have my lunch at home I like to put a little bit more effort in it. Make it a little bit special, because I get to eat the easy peasy bread and salads enough when I have lunch at school or my…

15 March 2013
Eggs in bread
Lunch Recipes

Eggs in bread

Toast with eggs is something everybody knows. It’s a pretty easy and common dish and by adding vegetables, ham, bacon, cheese or herbs you can make your dish a little bit different. This ‘recipe’ is just a very easy and common toast with egg.…

8 February 2013