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Drankjes Ontbijt Recipes

Smoothie time!

The weather has been amazing over the last few days! Instead of sitting at home behind my computer I decided to go out and enjoy the sun. Yesterday I could even go outside bare legged, what a great feeling! And today I was able…

10 March 2014
Summer Juice: Orange, Grapefruit and Banana
Drankjes Recipes

Summer Juice

I’m a big fan of fresh juices, but to be honest I don’t always take the time to make them. My dad makes fresh orange juice every morning. I repeat, every morning. And truth to be told: it doesn’t take that long to squeeze…

26 July 2013
A refreshing summer drink
Drankjes Recipes

A refreshing summer drink 2

The last two days it finally looked like the end of spring. It was warm, not too hot but warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun. Days like that make me long for refreshing summer drinks. I already wrote a little bit…

28 May 2013