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Zuchinni soup

It has to be clear bu now that soup is one of my favorite dishes during the colder months. Especially when I eat alone I love to make a delicious (and easy) homemade soup. And I think it also ain’t no secret that courgette…

22 December 2013
Lunch on the go
Lunch Lunch on the go Ontbijt

Breakfast or lunch on the go

Translation coming soon En zo is het alweer donderdag. Deze week is voor mij echt voorbij gevlogen. Vandaag om 17.00 uur was de deadline voor ons concept businessplan. Alhoewel wij een goede planning hadden en ook op schema lagen moest er deze week toch…

12 December 2013
Mexicaanse maissoep
Recipes Soep

Corn soup with some Mexican flavors

As said before soups are my go to meals during this time of the year. One of my favorite soups from the last few weeks has to be this cornsoup. I love corn. Combine that with paprika, courgette and tomato and ding ding ding,…

4 December 2013
Recipes Soep

Banana Curry Soup

As soon as it gets colder I really like making soups. During the warmer months I tend to go for some sort of a vegetable mash (with pasta) or a salad but during the winter soup is my to-go dish. Homemade soep that is.…

20 November 2013
Lunch salad
Lunch Recipes Salades

Lunch salad

Whenever I have a full day of school and need to lunch at school I always bring a salad with me. Never bread. I don’t like the way it tasted after it has been in your bag for several hours. I got a really…

17 September 2013
Avondeten Recipes

Puff pastry pizza

This summer I saw a delicious looking pizza on Marlyssa’s blog. But this wasn’t a regular pizza, it was a pizza with a puff pastry base. Being a puff pastry lover this sounded amazing to me. I got inspired and made my own version…

9 September 2013
Easy Peasy Pasta
Avondeten Recipes

Easy Peasy Pasta

When it comes to pasta sometimes the rule is: the simpler the better. Recently I’ve been really loving to combine my spaghetti with some garlic oil. Add some optional bacon, an onion and pepper and you are ready to go. But believe me, just…

2 September 2013
Homemade Guacamole
Recipes Snacks & sweets

Homemade guacamole

I really enjoy a good guacemole with some toast, chips or as a side dish. But let’s be honest: the premade guacamole you buy at the store doesn’t taste that good. But why would you buy premade if making it yourself only takes five…

27 August 2013
Lunch Recipes Soep


Today is going to be the hottest day of this summer so far. In the south of the Netherlands, where I am, it can get over 38 degrees! On days like this I do not like warm food. What I do like? Salads! Or…

2 August 2013